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Primary Plus Young Minds

This is the stage when the child steps into forming serious educational goals. Primary Plus Young Minds lays great stress on important aspects of language, mathematics and science along with other important general knowledge topics through activities based on Multiple Intelligence, which are designed to hone the various skills of the children. The activities are also designed to unveil the innate talents of the children by providing them an opportunity to give vent to their creative minds. It extends a window to current world affairs and exclusive supplement to academic curriculum with related activities.

Grades: IV-V.
Content :Quiz,Puzzles,Mind/Brain Games, MI Activities.
Focus : To enhance the latent genius in each child.
Special Feature : To add more spark to the magazine, we have brought innovation by adding Augmented Reality to some of the pages. This would take the children from Print to the Digital World and engage them with the content in a more better way. All you have to do is to scan the cover page with the app indiaseemore and see magic.
Subscription : 600/- Annually for 24 issues .
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