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Little Primary Plus

LITTLE Primary Plus for the tiny tots to enrich their way of learning through different mediums. It is a primary tool through which the tiny tots explore their interests and express their joy. It involves experiential learning through innovation and creative thinking which motivates their tender minds by developing a framework to impart effective learning techniques.... more

Primary Plus Turtle

Being the initial stage of a child’s mental, emotional and social development, children at this age have a very limited attention span which lasts to a maximum of 10 minutes. Each issue is therefore based on a particular theme and the activities are also designed to enable the child to understand its various aspects. As the tiny tots understand actions ... more

Primary Plus Junior

This is the age when a child moves towards creating the foundation for their educational journey. With their age, necessarily their attention span increases and hence the need to strengthen their thought process arises. Due to the development of a child’s brain during this stage, the magazine is designed basically to encourage them to form... more

Primary Plus Young Minds

This is the stage when the child steps into forming serious educational goals. Primary Plus Young Minds lays great stress on important aspects of language, mathematics and science along with other important general knowledge topics through activities based on Multiple Intelligence, which are designed to hone the various skills of the children. The activities are.... more

Primary Plus The Next Step

The mind of a child at this stage must focus on the expansion of their educational and career capacities and general awareness. This is the age when a child transitions into teenage from adolescence. The world around him inspires and manipulates his decisions and thoughts and thus, this paper is specially designed to give a positive .... more