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The Next Step

The Next Step

The mind of a child at this stage must focus on the expansion of their educational and career capacities and general awareness. This is the age when a child transitions into teenage from adolescence. The world around him inspires and manipulates his decisions and thoughts and thus, this paper is specially designed to give a positive influence on the mind of a child through twenty exciting pages of useful information to help teenagers grasp the dynamic and constantly altering world.

Grades: VI & Above.
Content :General Awareness, Puzzles, Science & Technology, Career Guide, Discoveries & Innovations and History.

Focus : Content emphasizes on awareness and intelligence through influential reading.
Special Feature : To add more spark to the magazine, we have brought innovation by adding Augmented Reality to some of the pages. This would take the children from Print to the Digital World and engage them with the content in a more better way. All you have to do is to scan the cover page with the app indiaseemore and see magic.
Subscription : 600/- Annually for 24 issues .
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