Mother’s Day Celebration

at Laxmi International School, Manesar

Motherhood undoubtedly has the greatest potential of influencing human life. God created the epitome of love, compassion, warmth and sacrifice to provide human race with necessary respite and solace. To pay special tribute to the unfathomed love of this Godly creation, MOTHER'S DAY was celebrated in Laxmi International School, Manesar by the Montessori Wing. The programme for the day was a vibrant amalgamation of dance and music. The programme started with a dance programme of L.K.G. and U.K.G. students which mesmerised all whereas the dance performance by class 2 students enthralled the audience. The group song by class 2 students and a solo dance performance by class 5 child (Ishuka) left the audience spell bound. The programme drew to a close with an inspirational speech by Principal, Dr. Vineet Vasishtha who congratulated the participants and encouraged them to keep up the good work and to pursue their dreams.