MI Challenge 1

According to Howard Gardner, there are 8 different ways to demonstrate one's intellectual ability. These are defined in his theory of Multiple Intelligence. From the age of 7, kids start questioning life and starts solving problems but haphazardly. Optimal learning occurs when our brains are appropriately challenged. However, when the learning challenge is too threatening, our brains 'down-shift' (Hart. 1983). Numerous studies support that a school environment must be one that challenges the brain in non-threatening ways and makes use of the visual and performing arts for teaching and for building emotive expressiveness, language, problem-solving skills, creativity and memory (Simmons, 1995). The significance of the learning environment cannot be underestimated. The brain learns faster in a challenging, creative, accommodating and healthy environment!

Based on this theory, Primary Plus 1st and 2nd MI Challenge was organized. The focus of these events was on the above areas:

In short, Multiple Intelligence theory is:

  • •Beneficial to teachers
  •           •Broadens their teaching repertoire in order to reach all students
  • Beneficial to students
  •           • More opportunities are given to succeed in the classroom and life by raising their self-image

  • The concept of MI Challenges is as follows:

  • It's a contest where kids in the age group 8-11 yrs compete to show case/discover their MI.
  • The series of activities during the contest will engage & stimulate the senses of the participants to reveal MI that they were unaware of.
  • A break away from song & dance talent shows that are abundant currently.