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Primary Plus Junior

Primary Plus Junior

This is the age when a child moves towards creating the foundation for their educational journey. With their age, necessarily their attention span increases and hence the need to strengthen their thought process arises. Due to the development of a child’s brain during this stage, the magazine is designed basically to encourage them to form opinions about various topics and stimulate their thoughts based on their individual view points. It provides a treasure of varied activities on academic subjects and a window to knowledge facts. A beginning is made to introduce them to various multiple intelligence problems so that these intelligences are awakened in them.

Grades: II-III.
Content :Content Stories, Puzzles, Contests, Coverage of School News.
Frequency: Fortnightly.
Focus : To impart knowledge on all subjects in a way that learning becomes fun.
Special Feature : To add more spark to the magazine, we have brought innovation by adding Augmented Reality to some of the pages. This would take the children from Print to the Digital World and engage them with the content in a more better way. All you have to do is to scan the cover page with the app indiaseemore and see magic.
Subscription : 600/- Annually for 24 issues .
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