Investiture Ceremony

at Delhi Public School, Sonepat

Delhi Public School (DPS), Sonepat has established its Students Executive Body 2015-16, to scamper the school-pupil relationship in a much healthier comportment. On 23 May, 2015 the prestigious institution had celebrated its Investiture Ceremony to give away the badges to the nominated candidates of the student’s populace. The badges were given by Mr. Mohinder Kumar Tokas, DIG-CRPF, Chief Guest of the evening, Mrs. Mann- Pro Vice Chairperson-DPS Sonepat, Capt. J. S. Mann-Managing Committee- DPS Sonepat and Mrs. Singh, Chief Coordinator- DPS Sonepat. The guest of honour of the evening were Lt. Col. AmitParab, Sena Medal, Mr.Jagdish Nair, Dr. RaminderSandhu, Dr. Gaurav Sharma and Mrs.&Mr.Balram. Year 2015, has been declared by UNESCO as International Year of Light. To raise awareness of how optical technologies to be used to promote sustainable development for the forth coming generation; the outgoing Head Girl- Sherya Chauhan, ushered the gathering and pledged to be the torch bearer of DPS Sonepat towards the enlightened path. 'One who motivates with zeal and passion deserves an award,' with this thought Mr. Vishal Sharma, the hostel in-charge of DPS Sonepat had been given a special accolade for maintaining the decorum in the hostel. The evening had also witnessed the prize giving ceremony to the students for their exceptional performance in the field of Academics and Punctuality. Mr. Mohinder Kumar Tokas, DIG-CRPF, Chief Guest of the evening on this occasion did motivate the students to develop a hospitable attitude towards their environment and academics. The evening yarn did spin the sensational raga with Puria Dhanashree Raga and Vibhas Raga followed by a tribute to Rabindranath Tagore via choreography on ‘Eklachalo re...’ and recitation of the poem ‘Where the mind is without fear.’ The choreography was also accompanied by on the spot painting, which was done by Mr. Rajesh Sharma, the art facilitator of DPS Sonepat. The piece of art was an embodiment of peace and motherhood- Mother Teresa carrying a child in her lap. The evening came to an end with the vote of thanks by the new Head Girl followed by the Chief, Mrs. Singh.