Primary Plus Media Pvt. Ltd., in association with Pearson & Longman PTE, Singapore launched its first kids activity based paper ‘Primary Plus’ in the year 2004, under the dynamic and farsighted leadership of Mr. Manbir Singh Bedi. ‘Primary Plus’ aims at inculcating a reading habit amongst the young impressionable minds. It has been long felt that the present day newspapers, magazines, and periodicals, which we are flooded with, are basically for the adults. There is an absolute dearth of reading material for children and therefore they are drawn towards the available journals. This may not be very constructive for them, nor would it help in nurturing their brainpower, but may be a simple depletion of time and energy.

Realizing this void and in an effort to provide children with good educational material, the concept of Primary Plus was initiated as a thinking magazine, published on a fortnightly basis, for two different age groups. However, with the growing readership of the magazine amongst these two age groups, Primary Plus decided to broaden its wings and now caters to four different age groups. The first magazine to be published by Primary Plus was ‘Primary Plus Young Minds’. Later introduced were ‘Primary Plus Junior’, ‘Primary Plus Turtle’ , ‘Primary Plus The Next Step’ and recently ‘Little Primary Plus’.