Alumni Volley Ball Match

at DAV Public School, NH - 3, NIT, Faridabad

To take a walk down the corridor of nostalgia DAV NH3 organised an alumni reunion in its school premises. A friendly Volley Ball match was played between alumni and present 12th class students. The event began with a speech by Ms. Jyoti Dhaiya, Principal of the school. She welcomed all the alumni whole heartedly and wished them luck for the volleyball match. After the match a group of students presented a Medley for their seniors as a tribute. Mementos were handed over to the alumni and they were called to share their experience. “This is where we unite again, we relive our old memories, associate with our juniors and have a good time” said Vijay, a student of initial years. Mohit another alumnus said, “DAV has been a great place. It was fun being here and I learned a lot and thanked his teachers.” Few alumni expressed their happiness by singing and performing dance. Principal of the school also thanked the students for becoming the part of the event and sharing their precious time and views. At last the event came to an end with the refreshment and photograph clicking session with the teachers.