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Primary Plus is association with "Pearson & Longman PTE, (Singapore)" is a revolutionary activity based paper meant to inculcate reading habit among the children. The paper is designed to enrich the knowledge of Primary School children. Primary Plus encourages students to think productively while simultaneously developing their thinking, reading and self-confidence skills.

of Multiple Intelligences

Commonly known as FOMI, ‘Festival of Multiple Intelligences’ is an initiative by ‘Primary Plus’, which is based on the concept of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Carried over in various schools across the country, this festival offers a diverse platform to the children by exposing them to a variety of exploratory centers which lead them into a state of flow – a state where the mind is challenged and engaged. They are provided time to make choices, be creative, solve problems and strengthen their intelligences. These actions contribute in developing thought process amongst the students and trigger their curiosity. Projects go a step beyond in processing information. Kids are assigned interesting and motivating projects by most of the centers that can be completed by them at home comfortably. The main focus of these events is to explore a child’s veiled aptitude and competence and offer exciting techniques to help them nourish.